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"If you think that pro wrestling—with it's soap opera story arcs, fake moves and silly costumes—couldn't be funnier or more ridiculous than it already is, watch it get mocked by these UCBT performers."
—Time Out New York

"The WWE is pretty hilarious on its own, but the UCB Theatre’s wrestling federation, the UCBW, pays such good attention to the details of the genre, it feels less like a satirical mockery and more of a hyper-hilarious homage to the dramatic sport. It’s impossible not to get caught up in their hysteria."
—New York Press

"The price of admission gets you a whole seat, but you only need the edge."

"These guys (and girls) pay tribute to the pro-wrestling they love with their hybrid of comedy/wrestling and super-ridiculous ringside commentary - so many talented performers, and an incredibly supportive crowd!"
—Wrestling Legend, Standup Comedian & Bestselling Author Mick Foley

"These top-notch improv comics are really hilarious, and totally respectful. These guys take us fans seriously enough to just let us be little kids again."
—David Shoemaker (The Masked Man), Deadspin & Grantland

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Feb 23
UCBW CageMatch preview: Feb. 23, 2012 

A HUGE CageMatch tonight with major stakes for all of our lady MegaStars! Three weeks after shockingly winning the UCBW Women’s Championship, Dollywood Hogan will find out who will be the No. 1 Contender to his (her?) title!

It’ll be Tanya Tiara (w/ her obnoxious Stage Momma in her corner) vs. Lady Liberty to determine a new No. 1 Contender to the UCBW Women’s Championship!

The last time we saw these MegaStars, Tanya Tiara was losing to The Bar-Mitzvah Boy in her debut match at Hanukkaos in December. How will she fare in the Women’s Division? And Lady Liberty lost the Women’s Championship to Lil’ Bo Reap at AutumnSlamn in October. Now she looks to reclaim what’s her’s.

And what will Dollywood Hogan have to say about this crazy situation?

PLUS: Improv supergroup Fuck That Shit looks to start the season 5-0 when they defend the Improv Division Championship against freestyle rapping improv group North Coast!

Hosted by Uncle Eddie & Chuck McMahon! Hot improv action! Hot Comedy Wrestling action! ALL TONIGHT, ONLY at UCBW CageMatch! Get your tickets NOW!

Photos by Arin Sang-Urai.

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